The History of Deanna G. Taylor Academy

History of the School

According to Jean Rae Turner, in Along the Upper Road: A history of Hillside, published by the Rotary Club of Hillside, Calvin Coolidge School was constructed in 1927 and a multipurpose room was opened in 1953.

Calvin Coolidge is a public elementary school located in Hillside, New Jersey. It was originally named after, President Calvin Coolidge who was a former Governor of Massachusetts and later served as President of the United States from 1923-1929. Throughout his gubernatorial career, Coolidge ran on the record of fiscal conservatism and a strong support for women's suffrage. It is one of three elementary schools in the Hillside School District, serving students in Grades 2-6.

At its July 23, 2020 meeting, The Hillside Board of Education voted unanimously to rename two of its Elementary Schools (Calvin Coolidge and George Washington) in honor of two former members of the Hillside Educational community.

Calvin Coolidge School was renamed Deanna Taylor Academy.  Taylor was a teacher at Calvin Coolidge School, as well as a Program Coordinator for the school district under the leadership of Principal Dr. Ellen Decker until her untimely tragic passing.  Taylor’s swift actions to lure her estranged husband out of the Calvin Coolidge school building can only be thought of as a heroic move that possibly saved her colleagues inside but resulted in her death.  After the passing of Ms. Taylor, the Deanna Taylor Scholarship fund was created in her memory.

School Board President, Ms. Kimberly Cook shared the following statement: “We’re breaking the glass ceiling by honoring two women whose commitment and dedication to the Hillside school district are consistent with the goals and philosophy of the Board of Education.”

Acting Superintendent, Mr. Robert Gregory said “I’m proud to work for a school board that ensures the full diversity of our community is represented and our schools reflect the names of dedicated employees and noble residents who were champions for our students and staff in the Hillside Public Schools.”

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