Uniform Information

Our focus at Deanna G. Taylor Academy is to provide our child with an optimum learning experience in a safe environment. We encourage students to be successful at their job of learning. A standard dress code has a positive impact on students’ learning and behavior. The uniform unites students and increases school pride.  Uniforms also helps students focus on their studies instead of fashion trends. 

As per Hillside Board of Education Policy 5511, uniforms are mandatory and must be worn daily to school. 

School Uniform:

Khaki pants, shorts or skirts

Navy blue tops/polo shirts/sweatshirts -no hoods. 

Physical Education Uniform:

Blue T-shirt

Blue sweatpants with an elastic waist


Uniforms can be purchased at Kids Place 126 Broad St. Elizabeth or any other dept. store.

Dress Code

In addition to the above uniform, students must adhere to the Dress Code below. School administrators reserve the right to contact parents/guardians and exclude any student who does not meet the dress code and uniform standard. The following are not permitted.

Parent/guardian will be contacted to bring a change of clothing if students do not adhere to the dress code.

Students who do not comply with the dress code will be ineligible to participate in school activities throughout the year. Students who publicly represent the school at any activity away from the school are required to dress in full accordance with the reasonable exceptions of the staff member in charge of the activity. Students unwilling to comply with this requirement disqualify themselves from participation. Physical Education clothing (navy sweatpants and T-shirt) is NOT to be worn every day, only on PE days. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Clothing which is:

  • excessively tight

  • revealing or immodest (plunging necklines)

  • transparent blouses and pants, bare midriffs or exposed stomachs, bare sides, exposing undergarments, etc.

  • miniskirts (must be below mid-thigh), or shorts (must be below mid-thigh)

  • tops with spaghetti straps

  • tank tops or sleeveless shirts no less than one inch wide

  • bicycle pants or spandex,

  • Clothing with patches, jewelry, chains, etc., that contain vulgarity, reference to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, racist or any instigative language

  • Clothing that could cause damage to school property or injury to oneself or others, chains, spikes, weapon-like jewelry

  • Outer coats/jackets worn in classrooms or corridors during the school day. All outerwear worn to and from school are to be placed in the closet upon arrival and not removed until dismissal.


Open-toe shoes, backless sandals (Crocs, flip flops, slippers, and bare feet)

Head Gear:

No head gear, hats, scarves, or any type of head covering are not to be worn in the school, except for religious head coverings.


All students are expected to maintain the highest possible standards of personal hygiene. This includes wearing clean clothing.


Sunglasses without a prescription or medical excuse may not be worn in the school.